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Superficial, materialistic girls and guys who flash their wealth on national television. They choose who to invite and how much money they want for their fabulous, all-expense-paid party. Rarely, some are nice and true about their character. But, most of them are artificial and feeble-minded (stupid). At the end of about all the episodes of "Super Sweet 16," these young adults receive elegant, shiny, new cars. However, people say this show is fixed and that parents publicize their children on television to get noticed or become even more well-known with the world. In the end, all of the self-absorbed teenagers come together or have a reunion to see who has the best party, make friends, or secretly compare their parents high salary. In other words, basically see who's, so far, the richest person on the show.
Are you comin' to "My Super Sweet 16?" It's goin' to be the best party ever!
by Anonymous1412 July 02, 2007

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