1 definition by Anonymous1231231

A group of faggots that think they're the shit/are practically a father figure to pussies and douchebags everywhere. Nobody but white trash and even dumber faggots like them. They have no musical talent whatsoever, and the group of people that DON'T like them are bigger than the group of people who DO.
ICP fan 1: I'm a total faggot and i suck so much dick i lost my gag reflex. but it's okay because i listen to insane clown posse. why does everyone hate on us?

ICP fan 2: yeah I'm a total homo too and i take so much dick up the butt i'm numb from the waste down. and I think it's cause we're gay

Everyone else on earth: we hate on you because you're something you will never see: pussies.
by Anonymous1231231 July 29, 2009

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