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A great country that despite its flaws is much better than most other countries in the world. The system of punishment and law enforcement is more fair than any other country, America has the most freedom out of any country, and most people who hate on America are people who don't live in America, or get the short end of the stick. Granted, there will be people in every country who work harder than everyone else yet seem to get cheated, and these people all hate the country where they live.
There are people who make more money than anywhere else, and some of them are complete jerks who don't help others, and many people judge the whole nation based on a few people's actions. There are people who work extremely hard and earn their money. There are people who make tons of money, or not much money at all, and they help others. But why would anybody hear of these people? You only hear about the rich and famous.
So the whole world judges America on what the media portrays, and because America is the land of the Free, the media can say whatever they want. Unless you know and share both sides of the story about America, no comments either way should be shared.
American: Hi, I'm an intelligent scientist devoting my life to bettering mankind, and making money for myself while I do so.
American: Hi, I work really hard and don't get paid nearly as much as I should and live a hard life.
American: Hi, I got a lot of money from my parents and will keep it all for myself.
American: Hi, I've given away all my money and spent my whole life helping those less fortunate.
American: Hi, I risked my life to leave my country get to this country because of the opportunities it can provide for those who work hard.
American: I'm a part of the government and I do all that I can to make the country a better place to live.
American: I'm a part of the government and I do what I want.
American: I own a bunch of guns and go hunting.
American: I work my ass off to put bad people behind bars and keep people safe.
American: I'm a serial killer.
American: I fight to keep freedom around the world.
American: I will die to protect another person.
by Anonymous0330 April 06, 2009

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