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A bullshit website created by a bunch of leftover Nazis. Is filled with bad jokes, nauseating images, and racism(Anti-semitism is rife). The creators of the site claim that the opinions expressed are not their actual opinions but are jokes. I call bullshit on that. Anyone with half a brain can see that they're serious.
Encyclopedia Dramatica is inhabited by the ghost of Adolf Hitler.
A woman who is sexually promiscous and has frequent abortions.
P.S. Every time you comment, God kills a Neo-Nazi, drug dealer, or some other scum of the Earth
Jodie's been to the abortion clinic a lot. She's also had a lot of dates. That makes her an abortion whore.
A type of high-performance vehicle.
Contrary to popular belief, the first muscle car was not the Pontiac GTO, but the Chevrolet Impala SS 409, introduced in 1962. The GTO, however, started the muscle car revolution upon its launch in 1964. Most muscle cars were simply spiced-up versions of other, more ordinary models. Most muscle cars were mid-sized. The Ford Mustang introduced a more compact-sized type of muscle car called the pony car, or "pocket msucle car."
The muscle car era ended in the 70s due to increased safety standards(goddamned Ralph Nader!), increased emission standards(goddamned EPA!), and the 1973-1974 Middle East oil embargo(goddamned Arabs!). The Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am pony cars survived, albeit in a watered-down state.
In the 1980s, muscle cars began making a comeback that continues to this day.
The Pontiac Tempest was an ordinary car, but installing a high-performance engine made it a muscle car.
A state in the U.S. that would be average except for one thing: Slipknot.
Iowa would be boring if not for Slipknot.

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