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extremely short
small cock
or asking for a sip of someone's soda, and drinking half the can.
"yo shrimpos so cute"
"ha hes got a shrimpo"

"yo let me get a sip?" -shrimpo
"sure" - adam
"shit dude there's none left" -adam
by Anonymous CLCer April 09, 2004
(1)A person from CLC who is ALWAYS listening in on other people's conversations and pretending to know what the people are talking about.
(2)being even more friendzoned with raquel than katman was
(3) person with the most annoying voice ever who always popped up during my conversations with Levenson
(4) attacked Jake with batteries after Jake pissed him off by using his cards without asking
door slams and Ginsberg in his annoying voice said, "IS THAT NECESSARY?" and we all wanted to kill him.
by Anonymous CLCer April 09, 2004
(N.)a fat person who is fat and that thinks they are only 125 pounds and is a super jew. a katman thinks they are a bad ass by switching the black yamacas with the white yamacas. Katmans also get their nuts chopped off by little Taiwanese kids.
N. 2 having a small or "katman" penis and having 5 pubes and claiming to have a bush
(V.) when you pull a katman, you eat cup of soup noodles with your hands. You also eat food that belongs to other people, and then ask if you can eat it.
(V.2)If someone is ultimately friendzoned it is also pulling a katman.
Katman was ultimately friendzoned with Raquel at camp. He was like her brother
by Anonymous CLCer April 09, 2004
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