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1 definition by Anonymous 12345678910000000

Common names for selfish bitches are: Kate, Katie, Alex and most commonly, Eileen. Selfish bitches are always at the centre of trouble and will break their necks to hurt someone else. Selfish bitches have alot of enemies and use their friends for things they may need. Selfish Bitches usually slyly escape punishment and make there-self look like the victim. Selfish bitches will hurt their family and lie to them if it gets them what they want. Selfish Bitches stop at nothing to hurt their enemy. Selfish Bitches are fat,smelly, ugly bitches and are hated by everyone, probably including their family!
Person1: Wow! That womans fat ugly and smelly! Is that Eileen?
Person2: Yeah, shes such a fat,selfish bitch!
by Anonymous 12345678910000000 July 27, 2012