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The reduced standards in women all men at Georgia Tech fall victim. A result of so few attractive women. Similar to beer goggles but sans alcohol.
<Tech student> Damn she's hot!
<other college student> Hell no! That bitch is deuce... deuce and a half easy.
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Someone who compliments everything because they want something for themselves, for example friendship
Prue Cooper. As in, Prue is such a suck-up
by Anonymous October 09, 2003
The piece of sh!t VALVe designed. Steam started as a VERY buggy program. After Steam deleted all the HL files from your HL folder, people found that Steam is the worst piece of sh!t ever made, but they had to stick with Steam after they had no more HL files. Not only that, Steam downloads upgrades and other crap without notifying you about it at ALL. That means that if someone can hack into the download manager of steam, they can put viruses, spyware and all the other sh!t they want without you knowing it. MILLIONS of people support that and all the other facts why steam is crap.

P.S. Satertek STFU with your double definitions
Man, this is so steamy..
by Anonymous October 02, 2003
a female that goes after a man, even though he is rightfully taken by another.
that skanky ass hoe is tryin to take my man. what a skanky ass hoe!!
by Anonymous September 13, 2003
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