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1 definition by Anonymauss

This is an expression for the fattest, biggest, gamer in the whole world. The name comes from the german name Boden.

He is the closest thing to Godzilla. He eats everything that stands in his way. He does not share his cookies with anyone. McDonald's is his home. It's very common for an Bakke, that he put's the burger in his ass, before he eat's it.

He is a big fanboy, and then i mean physical BIG, of Brokeback Mountain, Hannah Montana and line dancing. He spends a alot of his freetime to watch my little pony.

His mother's creditcard number is saved on his computer, so he can buy all the mappacks for COD.

It is normal for an Bakke to hack on all games he plays, so it is not rare that he gets banned.

You dont wannabe a Bakke!
Damn, I don't want to be a faglord like, Bakke.

Damn, you eat as Bakke!

Please, dont use aimbot, or you'll get banned like Bakke.
by Anonymauss November 30, 2011