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Well I guess as a Mountain Laker I need to write on this. Personally this is the worst town I have ever been to. We have a great school system but most of our parents didn't know what they were dragging us into when the moved here. From our first years in school people have been segregated from rich to poor. Only the rich can be with the rich and only the poor with the poor. It is sad that this is true because really everyone should be considered equal. In this small town of Mountain Lakes no one is really poor people just say they are because there not as rich as the people on the Boulevard or The Hill Section. Now apart from that there parents haven't exactly taught there children right because if they have none of this would be happening. It almost seems in our childhood most of the children had missed a step. The step of learning that everyone is equal. No matter what if your poor or rich, black or white. Everyone has 46 chromosomes well not everyone but that's besides the point. All of us having 46 chromosomes makes us equal and all the stuff in the material world should not matter because that was created by us and everyone can create/ buy any of that because we all have the same amount of chromosomes. The rich don't have 48 chromosomes they have 46 like the rest of us.

Now onto sports oh sports. Well first to say are sports really more important than school? Well in Mountain Lakes High School they are. So the Budget wasn't passed no biggie just cut out on some sports oh wait noo lets cut out the half year Latin Class which could have been beneficial to people taking the SAT's. Now are sports really more important than Academics. I know all the football coaches say Academics are more important then Sports but the District Believes otherwise. Now we don't have a Half year Latin Class so instead i have to take a full year Latin class. Well I am sure im not the only one ranting about this loss but we all have to move on. Now onto more sports. So if you don't play a sport should that matter? Everywhere else no it doesn't matter but in Mountain Lakes it matters and matters a whole hell of a lot. Playing a sport and not playing a sport can be the determining factor if your "popular" enough to go out to the cool party over the weekend or if you sit home and watch a movie. This is sad Because really everyone should be invited because again everyone is equal. Now if you don't play Lacrosse again your not cool. Lacrosse is maybe the most over rated thing in mountain lakes i mean come on how can one sport be so Fucking excellent. It's quite simply not because it's just plain stupid. It costs a ton for a Metal or Wooden stick (if your using a Haro) I could make one of those in wood shop. But whatever i Can't change that.

This all amounts on how mountain Lakes is the Shittiest town on earth. When I have kids i will bring them to Paterson before i bring them back to this shitty white suburban town 40 miles from New York City. Everyone smokes weed because there parents give them the money to. Everyone drinks cause theirs nothing better to do and the houses are all over 750,000 Dollars. Theirs no diversity and everyone is grown up to be a racist cause we have never been exposed to black people. Fuck you Mountain Lakes.
by Anonym0use May 12, 2009

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