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Kim Jong Il is one of the worlds most dangerous men. He runs North Korea, which is home to a few concentration camps and prisons in which the people who are captured are tortured, forced to do manual labor, killed, and forced to fertilize the ground using their own defecation. Anyone who lives in North Korea is deprived of human rights, and is not allowed to leave.

Kim Jong Il is a megalomaniac who wants control over the entire planet. He is completely insane, and will do anything unexpected for the world to be afraid of him.

He has large rectangular glasses and a large hairdo. He enjoys wild parties and driving in expensive sport cars.

He is currently (2006) testing missiles to threaten the world- he believes that his missiles can reach California of the United States. He is treatening the United States and Japan directly, but truly he wants the entire planet's control.
Kim Jong Il is a maniac. I despise him.
by Anony.mous July 15, 2006
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