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an underground military installation/ missile silo, located just west of rancho penasquitos, san diego, california, which is disguised as a high school, actually titled as a "learning community". This can be proven through several examples, including large air conditioners on top of buildings, and the "off limits" pool building, also the elevator that goes down under the ground. Plus, the school is shaped like an enourmous satellite dish.
"Learning Community: It either sounds like we are dumb, or poor....or both."
"Westview is out to get us"
by Anonomyous Guy April 01, 2003
The Coolest guy in the world, also known under the aliases of "Drew, Steckman, Andrew, Tyler, Stecker, and Horatio Vienia"
You pulled a steck!
by Anonomyous Guy April 01, 2003

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