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Goo-Net (noun): A recent engineering Marvel developed in Cleveland, Ohio, the goo net serves to capture one's goo upon release and disposes of it discreetly. The goo net works like a traditional japanese fan and opens rapidly upon expulsion of goo. A pourous, quick dry material is used in construction of the goo net, similiar too that of Nike's dry fit clothing line. Once goo is captured, the goo net quickly closes and the net is released from the bottom. Traditional applications of the goo net include mounting in one's desk at work with a trash can underneath to catch the released goo nets. The desk goo net can be configured to be neatly concealed within the desk surface for rapid deployment. More recently, the car goo net and travel goo net have been released for added conveniance. Celebrity face inserts have also been added to the goo net lineup. These inserts attach directly to the goo net so the user can now goo their favorite celebrities on demand. The most popular inserts include Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan, Mandy Smith, and even Oprah Winfrey!
Steve cant even make a 30 minute car ride without his travel goo net.

Brian got shot in the face like a little goo net biatch!
by Anonomous1234567 March 20, 2007

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