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A game played where two or more people share horrible things that have happened in their lives. Whoever has the worst life has the biggest misery dick.
Bob: "My dad had sexually abused me since I was six, up until the time I ran away from home at fifteen."

Sally: "Well, both of my parents died when I was five and one of my foster parents cut off my left hand and made me eat it."

Bob: "Damn, okay, your misery dick is bigger than mine."
by Anonandon October 03, 2009
Adj., meaning 'adorable,' but specifically in the context of homosexuals being adorable.

Exceptions can be made with two people of the same sex being gay with each other, but not mutually homosexual or in a relationship.
"Did you see our gays watching a movie on the couch the other night? They fell asleep on each other!"
"That is SO gaydorable."

"Yo, Steve and I are off to shop for sheets for my bed."
"...that is gaydorable, Rob."
"Shut the fuck up."
by Anonandon March 28, 2010

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