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A word used for flattering someone you're attracted to. Or another mating call for the human species.
"Shangralangalah ;D"
by Anonandonandon May 29, 2013
1. A term used by misandrists for men who expect to be treated as anything other than doormats, success objects, or to even receive common courtesy.

2. A man who expects free porn or sexual favors in exchange for only a common greeting, an unsolicited compliment, or any other minimal effort.

3. A woman that expects to be worshiped, praised, & glorified & shall only treat as worthy of humanity the 'finest' of whom she selects.

4. A term used by misogynists for women that expect to be treated as anything other than doormats, sex objects, or equals.
"He got mad because I kept interrupting him, what an entitled baby!"

"That guy kept sending me hate mail because I wouldn't show him my tits on webcam, he's so entitled"

"That woman won't even respond unless you're 6'2" & have a 6 figure salary, she's entitled"

"Why won't you show me your tits?! Are you entitled or something, you think you're better than me!?"
by AnonAndOnAndon May 17, 2012

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