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Skate shoe company that first arrived in 1966. They originally made shoes for technical use and performance then gradually got better at making skate shoes for skaters and like wise use. Then recently they have made a new 'canvas' range which non-skater (posers/hipsters) wear and claim it's 'comfy' when really they only wear them due to their popularity and appearance. The canvas edition do not last a long time, its just that people roam around posing not actually skating so of course they are going to last!
Poser: Hey! Check out my new Van's
Skater/ Normal person: That's nice... Im sorry but... Do you even skate??
Poser: ....No... I mean yes! All the time! I can 360 Kickflip- underflip to manual fakie!
Skater/ Normal person: Yeah... Okay... Why do you wear them then?
Poser: because they are well comfy!
Skater/ Normal person: Don't lie, its because everyone else wheres them and you are the people that ruined Van's rep and you should now hang yourself!
Poser: No one loves me! *kills themselves*

Everyone else: Making the world a better place for everyone!!! Yayyy!
by Anon V December 31, 2012

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