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(n): excessive chatting between members of the opposite sex using a Facebook Wall.
In some egregious case, conversation may be that resembling an instant message conversation.

Usually indicative of a fore-coming hook up, relationship, or date.
Dan: "Look at this hot girl who keeps posting on my Wall"
Ray: "What, are you two having Wall Sex now?"
Dan: "At this point it's just foreplay"
#facebook #wall #chat #sex #instant message #myspace
by Anon E. Mus February 29, 2008
(v) 1. To view more pics

2. As one may "friend" another on such social networking sites as Facebook, you may wish to:
a. Verify that it is indeed him/her by Viewing More Pics
b. See how hot a girl is by Viewing More Pics
Dan: "Dude, check this girl that friended me!"
Ray: "Oh shit, VMP dat bitch!"
#facebook #pics #hot #sexy #girl #chick #rofl
by Anon E. Mus October 07, 2007
1. Week-long celebration of panhellenic fraternities and sororities at American universities and colleges. Students participate in a litany of meaningless events that the rest of the campus cares nothing about - capitulated by "skits" being preformed. Usually characterized by "frat row" or another Greek-populated area of campus resembling that of a frat boy and sorostitute minefield.
"Hey man, you hear the Sigmas are coming back!"
"No one fucking cares about Greek Week."
#frat boy #fraternity #sorority #greek #frat #gay #sorostitute
by Anon E. Mus April 21, 2010
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