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Origin: Early-mid 2000s, the glory days of the social glutton-working site Clicking "View more pics" on a user's profile allows the viewer to access more images of said user.

Meaning: A desire to see more images or acquire more information about a person, place or thing, preferably used as an exclamation and motivated by morbid curiosity or sexual desire. Intended to preface a moment of utter hilarity, shock, or awe.
Becky: Omg, check out Raould's new gf on facebook!
Stephanie: Lmfao! View more pics!

Jesus: Dude, I just got a message from this super-hot chick MaryM on OkCupid.
Raould: Fuck that, she's busted, I hooked up with her last year, remember?
Jesus: Nah man, she lost like 30 pounds on Nurtrisystem.
Raould: Gtfo! View more pics!!
by Roflmfaololgtfo February 10, 2010
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