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Jamayca is a sweet, kind amazing girl that is smoking hott! who wouldnt want to be with her? she has a great smile that can light up your day! and a personality like a angel sent from heaven. she can give the best advice when the hardest probloms come in life! if your a guy out there that wants an amazing, hot, pretty look for a girl named Jamayca!
who is that chick? whoa. its Jamayca
by Anomonus April 02, 2012
Comes from farmers who work in the sun and get a "red-neck". Also belived by most northerners that they do not know the difference between a hole in the floor and the hole in their ass
if you go to a family reunien looking for a girl friend... YOU MIGHT BE A REDNECK!!
by anomonus January 11, 2005

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