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Best Friend that has 7 or more of these qualifications:

1. Blackout Partner
2. If someone wrongs you, he/she beats there car in with a chair.
3. Is willing to fall into a pile of bikes and garbage cans for you.
4. Enjoys a good unplanned road trip
5. is insane, in a good way
6. Manipulative, in a good way
7. can make 2 hours of traffic amazing, by only using one word.
8. You have been so angry at each other, but have been to sloshed to fight.. and forget why you were mad by the next morning
9. You guys are Precious and have "a song"
10. he/she is Fresh to Death, SON!
11. He/She has an affinty for drinking Games.

basically someone who is rad and owns at life like a lot.
1.My HeinaBitch is Better than Your HeinaBitch because you suck.

by AnnonymousAnShit December 05, 2007

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