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A person with a rather quixotic outlook on life. Someone who fails to note the plausibility in their thinking and focuses on perfecting an already functioning system. A person who doesn't realize that free healthcare entails raised taxes which would end up amounting to the same thing, if not more, as non-free healthcare. A liberal would preffer to abolish the death penalty entirely on account of its injustice but is for abortion (I too I am for abortion, I'm simply making a point.) The rights of a convicted murderer, rapist, or both seem to be more important than those of a wouldbe innocent child. According to every political spectrum test I have ever taken, I am a liberal. Oh well.
People should drop titles and simply make dicisions based on common sense. I'm liberal on certain issues--Conservative on others. This is not an example, but I was forced to make one.
by Annnnnnonymous March 05, 2006

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