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Also, "GPF-ed." This refers to the annoying ability of a gps devices to route you to dead-end roads, through the 'hood, or other places that are in no way logical to get from point "a" to point "b."
"Sorry I'm so late! I got GP-Effed and ended up going thirty miles down some back road to get here!"
"Did you hear banjos?"
by AnnieBee February 18, 2010
When super-fan of anything who over-analyses or picks apart every minute detail. They often move into prognostication, conspiracies, and personal lives of actors. These people think they sound intelligent or superior, but in reality, are usually pretty lame. Common sources of fanalysists: Lost, Star Wars, Star Trek, Comic Books/Graphic Novels, WoW players, Glee, any popular-for-no-good-reason reality show, etc.
If I have to listen to Lara fanalyse Glee one more time, I think I'll have to punch her. Who cares if Kurt is secretly a woman?
by AnnieBee March 22, 2011
Braingoogling is when you possess the talent of recall without the need for Google or internet resources. Excellent memory or recall of weird, odd, or obscure facts. Typical of the guy that crushes everyone at Trivial Pursuit, bar quizes, and Jeopardy.
- What was the name of that guy from The Simpsons that hated Homer for having it so easy?
- Um...Frank Grimes?
- Seriously, how did you know that?!
- I braingoogled it and it popped right up.
by AnnieBee October 22, 2012

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