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Hot Piece of Ass (noun, never an adjective)
Oh my goodness, did you just see that HPA?
by Anna Maria Paola August 13, 2007
A Client that you have a Crush on..... CL(ient) (Cr)ush...credit to the writers of Entourage and Mark Walhberg (Executive Producer).
Nosey Associate: "Hey, who are you talking to, does not seem like that was a business call...."
Entrepreneur:"I was talking to Anna Maria, my new client!"
Nosey Associate: "Oh, sounds more like a Clush to me?"
Entrepreneur: "She has got a lot to offer, she is smart, sexy, and has a great personality!."
Nosey Associate:"Like I said, not just a client, but a clush!"
by Anna Maria Paola September 01, 2007

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