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A shot on the Wii Sport Tennis game where the ball is hit so hard, you can see the air being travelled behind it like a cloud.
Evan: "Whoa! Ha! Rainmaker hit by Anna!"
Austin: "Shut up, we're still beating you!"
by Anna Hedgehog June 11, 2008
Boys, usually in middle school, who are just learning all of the perverted jokes and repetitively keep using them at all the wrong moments, ruining the humor in the jokes.
Charlie: "Hey, how are you?"
Charlie: "Uh, what's up?"
Anna: "What a preperv..."
by Anna Hedgehog June 14, 2008
What Middle Eastern people who are kinda gangsta like do turning the westside sign into an M, and then making the Eastside sign
Yussef: "Yo, I'm from the Middle Eastside!"
by Anna Hedgehog June 11, 2008
A term that is often used by Japanese boys for like "Holy shit"
Ichigo: "Holy Smokies!"
by Anna Hedgehog June 11, 2008
A prep who listens to that fake rap stuff like you'll find on iTunes top 100. They also think they're being cool cause they act like a gangster so badly.
Hailey: "wassup in da home slice hood, yo?"

Anna: "You prangster -,- "
by Anna Hedgehog July 14, 2008

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