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3 definitions by Anna Banana Bread

A great friend, that's all around perfect, except when it comes to sports. Maaike friends also have amazing gorgeous curly hair.
You're a great Maaike friend.

I wish there were more Maaikes in the world.
by Anna Banana Bread May 31, 2010
56 19
When you stare at something with out really looking at it. This happens often when one is day dreaming about something.
I was totally blank staring at the board in math today. My teacher thought I was actually listening!
by Anna Banana Bread June 02, 2010
9 1
A laugh made when you exhale through your nose. Many have a slight smile when exlaughing. It's a laugh usually made for something not really funny, but deserves to be recognized.
Everyone was exlaughing at my knock-knock jokes.

I always exlaugh at my dad's lame jokes.
by Anna Banana Bread July 23, 2010
2 1