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4 definitions by Ann O. Nemus

An amazing punk-rock band that got taken over by teenie-boppers. It's one thing to start liking them since American Idiot. It's an entirely different thing if you are 12 and say "omfg greenday iz mii new fav band!!!!!!!1" when you just saw the Boulevard of Broken Dreams music video. Teenies ruined Green Day concerts. Ever since they've been coming, the band has had to end their shows early because the stupid 10-year olds have to go to bed at 11:00. Teenies ruined Green Day on all levels. Anyone who belives Green Day are sell-outs just 'cause teenies like them is an idiot. Green Day couldn't help that the stupid boppers went after their stuff 'cause it's THAT GOOD. True fans love Slappy, Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, Warning, and Shenanigans as well.
True Fan: No. It's Green Day
Bopper: o. lolzz sowwy:(
True Fan: stfu
Bopper: u made billy-joe cry:(
True Fan: no, I made Billie Joe cry
by Ann O. Nemus September 06, 2006
The mark of a poser, especially on a 14 year old girl.
POSER #1: Like OMG! I just went to PACSUN and got pink and black ETNIES!!!
POSER #2: OMG GIRL! I got black and blue ones they're like SSSOOOOO kewl and all the sk8er bois will luv me when I wear them!!!
by Ann O. Nemus December 23, 2004
A teenage male skater/biker. Usually seen loitering around the park everyday trying new tricks because they are doing what they love (and they have nothing better to do). Usually a slacker and not involved in any school activities.
Some guys are more typelike than others.
chains, long hair, skateboards, BMX bikes, mohawks, skater shoes, baggy pants, studded belts, skate company/ band T-shirts.
TYPES COME IN: groups of five or more. All types know eachother if they are from the same city/ general area.
Those little 6th graders attempting ollies over there are type-wannabes.

That hot gothic over there with the mohawk looks like THE type of types.

When we went to the park, we had a major type sighting; they were everywhere.

Girl 1: Ooooh skaters!
Girl 2: No, not skaters, TYPES.
by Ann O. Nemus October 02, 2004
A bad boy is gorgeous and nothing less. He has a mohawk and lip piercing. He has amazing eyes and a dirty smile frozen on his face. He is into metal bands, and he walks carelessly and slouches. He is loud, obnoxious, and sweet. He is not afraid to stand out in a crowd. He has the BEST features. He is a TRUE individual and he doesn't care at all what anyone else thinks. He slouches and walks carelessly, but it's hott. Everything he does is hot, and he has NO idea.
teh nabtas: OMG teh bad boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
verbatim: YES!!!! he is SOO HOTT. NO ONE is hotter than him.
by Ann O. Nemus September 06, 2006