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The single acceptable greeting gesture that will bring the American culture full circle. An abrupt collision of two individuals hands to signify coolness, acknowledgement, amusement, agreement, or testosterone (in the case of a male.)
April 21st is National High Five day.
So the other day I was doing some grocery shopping in this little hippie organic food store close to my summer pad here in hippyville. I was deep in thought, debating between vegetable or three cheese spaghetti sauce, when a skinny hippie dude with a long beard accidentally bumped into me as he was excitedly loading some granola product into his hippie organic food store cart.
In a sort of delayed reaction-where-am-I-who-are-you-kind of way he said, "so sorry sister friend, didn’t mean to bump you."
I, being the forgiving cool person that I am, replied in my classic-no-worries-reassuring-cool-as-fxxk-voice that it was not big deal, sxxt happens and life moves on...did he have any recommendations on vegetable or three cheese spaghetti sauce?
"Oh for sure, definitely the Veggie, it's all about the vegan style" he said.
-Vegan style? Whatever man. Thanks, veggies are tight. High Five...

***Oh fo sure...right there and then me and that old hippie dude gave each other a sweet ass hippie High Five.
Just like it should be done.
Keep on keeping.
High Five.
by Anita Molina July 14, 2005
A health promoting beverage aging back to ancient Chinese medicine that is currently very popular (especially in hippyville) a 'secret formula' for those 'in the know' which is usually made by fermenting black tea and white sugar using a special kombucha colony. It works with your body to boost one's natural, inbuilt ability to fight sickness and disease as well as bring a healthy balance back to metabolism and organs.
It tastes similar to tart apple cider with vinegar.
by Anita Molina July 14, 2005
A beautiful town located in the center of Colorado's front range often times referred to by official government approved maps and atlases as: Boulder, Colorado.
Also the official home to the state of Colorado's largest univeristy.
If you ever stop to find yourself surrounded by the smell of patchouli, and incense burning, while you gaze out upon a sea of ultra liberal free spirited dreadlock, bumper sticker loving, vegetarian, sew-your-own-clothes, kombucha drinking peace activists, all driving $200 painted volkswagens sporting $5000 mountain bikes, you can safely assume that you have found yourself in hippyville a.k.a Boulder, Colorado.
by Anita Molina July 14, 2005

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