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Pronunciation: \ˈplə-shē\
Function: adjective

1. Term to describe stuffed animals having the texture of/or covered with plush

2. Intellectual term created by a PBMS female eighth grader, to describe one with an innocent personality comparable of a child.
Typical attributes of a plushie mainly consist of; child-like features, a disarming exterior, an optimistic view/innocent view of the enviroment/world surrounding them, and a weekly attendance to their religious building of worship. (churches, mosques, synagogues, etc.)
Sadly, another typical aspect of a plushie is their feminine majority. Unfortunately, there are few boy-plushie's in the world.
1. We just bought Ben a new teddy bear!

2. She's such a plushie! So adorable I can hardly stand it!
by AnisaXD April 11, 2010
To be an anisaleeer a requirement to be one is having the name "Anisa"

1. Meaning your just all out awesome, and anything good.

2. Defintion can occasionally depending on how it is used.

3.Or could be used as an nickname.
Guy: "You're such a anisleeeeer looker!"Anisa: I know I am, because I'm Anisa!!!
Example 2
"You're such an anisleeeeer! Oh well it's not your fault, it IS your name after all."
Example 3

Guy: "Hey anisleeeeer!!!"
Anisa 1: "You rang?"
by AnisaXD January 29, 2009
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