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Fucking Ginormous Spiders. They're well known for scaring the shit outta people. There nice pets though, and some are quite nice.
1. Dave - Holy shit! Look at the size of that thing! *shudder*
*Tarantula eats Dave*

Steve - Poor dave.
2. Aww. Its kinda cute, I guess.
by AnimeHzrd16 January 11, 2010
joint rolled up from a trident layers wrapper with the paper burnt off. doesnt hold enough weed to get you going but you'll laugh at the name anyway
tim: yo, you should try a pj winklebottom
dave: wtf is that? lol
by AnimeHzrd16 April 28, 2011
an imaginary term made up out of the blue when your high on marijiuana
Bob: Yo, did you see steve? Tim: Yeah, he was just paperfaced
by AnimeHzrd16 April 26, 2011

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