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A woman who is so obsessed with having babies, or who has so many children that she is more of a walking uterus than a human woman.

Any woman who chronically and impulsively breeds.
Michelle Duggar isn't a woman. She's a womban.

Nadya Suleman is America's most infamous womban.

The lady I work with is a total womban. She has number 4 on the way already!
by AngryReptileKeeper September 02, 2009
The bits of dried lube and genital fluids produced by friction that come off and accumulate on the bed during sex.
Ewww! Hilda and Bob left behind a huge pile of crotch crumbs!
by AngryReptileKeeper January 26, 2009
A mocking, usually derogatory spelling of baby used to refer to infants. Used by some childfree people.
Tracy brought her baybee to work today to whore for attention.
by AngryReptileKeeper December 02, 2009
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