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A male yenta. An annoying man who talks and gossips a lot.
That guy gossips more than any woman I know. He's such a menta.
by Angry Shepherd December 15, 2005
Another name for diarhea
I got the snakes after eating hot wings and drinking cheap beer the night before
by Angry Shepherd August 10, 2006
Someone who thinks they are funny but their jokes are really lame.
What a wag! He thinks its funny when he says "Are we having fun yet?" I read that lame line on a t-shirt in 1983.
by Angry Shepherd December 15, 2005

Trashy people are characterized by a hollow arrogance born out of insecurity. Because deep down they know they are trashy they overcompensate in the following ways:

Trashy women think their bodies are much better than they really are and display a lot of skin, usually muffin top / fupa. They also wear gaudy skimpy clothes, usually too tight to draw attention to themselves. Tattoos can also be part of this.

At work they think they should be running the place after 3 days on the job and in spite of being complete fuckups.

Trashy people people are loud, boastful and have foul mouths in an effort to draw attention to themselves and sound tough.

Trashy people are selfish and not team players. They're only goal is to satisfy their needs and they think nothing of taking advantage of others to get what they want. They think this is the "American Way"

Because they are insecure, trashy people tend to follow the latest trends, no matter how stupid because they want to be accepted.

Trashy women have sex frequently for power and attention.
At the State Fair you see a lot of trashy women wearing lowrider jeans showing their muffintop.
by Angry Shepherd October 12, 2007

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