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Cooking, cleaning and pleasing her man.
Quote by President Barack Obama: "Women have no right living on Earth and breathing the oxygen that belong to men. The only reason we keep them around is for their cooking, cleaning and their talent in blow jobs."

- Obama on Womens Rights
by Angry Rhino July 01, 2009
When a person is recieves a longer that life jail sentence.
Frank was found guilty for commiting double homocide of the first degree. The judge decided to give him a Bernie Madoff.
by Angry Rhino July 06, 2009
Something black people love to do.
John: "Who the fuck is that guy stealing my TV?"
Ted: "OH, it's just a black guy."
by Angry Rhino July 01, 2009
When multiple Mexicans cum in a persons hair, the hair is then styled and eventually dried to maintain its position.
Brice: "Hey, Alexei, where did you get that rockin' hairdo?"
Alexei: "Oh! I just got some Mexican Hair Gel from a few spicks on the street."
by Angry Rhino November 20, 2009
An adult who finds pleasure in kidnapping and molesting small boys after recreational sports, particularly baseball.
Brice: "Who is that man in the car staring at me?"
Pops: "He is a little leaguer, you better watch out for them!"
by Angry Rhino November 18, 2009
A fender bender is simply when a guy gets a 10 to 15 foot running start to rail a girl in the back door while she is bending over; Making an obvious reference to the car accident when one vehicle crashes into the ass end of the vehicle in front of it.
Hank: "Whoa, why is Brenda walking like a duck?"
Dave: "I remember hearing Bret saying something about giving her a fender bender last night."
Hank: "OUCH!"
by Angry Rhino June 24, 2009
The black man's national sport.
Little Johnny saw two black man compete in some grand theft auto.
by Angry Rhino July 01, 2009

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