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Depleted Wallet Syndrome, or DWS is a common affliction among suburban teenagers and adults. The symptoms consist of complaining about not having enough money and the occasional get-rich-quick scheme.
Man, Greg Davis has some hardcore DWS.
by Angry Liberal June 01, 2005
Blue Max, who shares initials with the word Bowel Movement, is in fact synonomous with that word.
I'm gonna go take a Blue Max.

Don't forget to wipe your MrShadow.
by Angry Liberal May 24, 2005
What people drink to be "healthy", it is in fact far more unhealthy than regular Coke due to the aspartame contained within which can eat holes in the brain.
"Got any Diet Coke?"
"No, but I've got some drano you can chug."
by Angry Liberal June 01, 2005

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