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It only happens once in a lifetime but is the most wonderous thing to ever happen. When your eyes first meet you know deep within your heart that they are the perfect match for you. It is a mutual feeling. Athough there may be bumps along the way, true love always wins in the end. True love is also respecting your mate....not putting sexual pressure on them. It is the type of love that still lasts even if your mate loses thier legs or suffers terrible burns. It lives on no matter what. True love also is fidelity,honesty, honor and respect. It is where the male follows a code of chivlary, meaning a respect for womesn, and the woman honors her husband. Apart they are two but together they are one. True love is not based on looks and there is no feeling of lust. If someone has true love they will wait untill the bonds of marriage to have sex. They are unselfish and care more about thier partner then for themselves.
girl-"This is nnot a fake love mom, I swear I am truelly in love. I feel no lust or jealousy. Even if I never see him again I would stay true to his memory."

mom-"True love is very rare."

girl-"I know mom, I know, that is why I shall cherish him forever. I'll cherish him past death, love him for who he is."
by Anglo-SaxonPrincess June 17, 2009

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