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Ranch dressing. Hillbillies put that shit on everything.
Ronny Ray! Run up to the Piggly Wiggly and get some hillbilly ketchup. You know Nadine and Lynnette cain't eat pizza or potato chips without some Hidden Valley.
by Anglo Gerry May 30, 2013
A pretentious word that only the most arrogant of all fucks would use instead of the word "prevent".
I wonder if the writer of that railroad rule book could forestall me from shoving my boot in his ass.
by Anglo Gerry May 26, 2013
The look you get right before the baddest motherfucker on the planet unleashes the worst beatdown of your natural born life. This look strikes fear into the hearts and souls of all who have experienced it.
All I know is that right before Justin had his fucking legs ripped off, that big mammajamma gave him the Ger Bear Stare. Justin should've gotten in his car and left. Poor bastard.
by Anglo Gerry May 26, 2013
An overrated basketball player who will end up being known for the outlandish way he dresses rather than the fact the he's been in the shadow of Shaq & Lebron his entire career.
Sean: Did you see that Dwyane Wade outfit that James is wearing?

Gerald: Yeah, confirms my suspicions that he's a stool plunger.
by Anglo Gerry May 26, 2013
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