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mixing cocaine with weed. straight from tha durty... 305!!
yo, u wanna hit dat dirty?
by angie February 23, 2005
An exclaimation made as you react to something that's incredibly amazing and also gross.
Janna - "Omg! They are taking out this lady's arm flab with lipo!"

by Angie October 25, 2004
actually...It's made up...

Gyashi: 1.To jump or hop
2. A frog
That frog gyashi'd over the fence
Let's all Gyashi to the fair
by Angie September 29, 2004
A way greet your friends and don't want to wave... or move... you say "sup face"
"sup face"
by Angie December 09, 2003
When you combine a WASP, (white anglo-saxon Protestant) young man with a little bit of mary-jane, you get a waspoid.
Nate's like a trustafarian but cuter, no dreadlocks, no hippy-smells, just cute boys with high quality weed. Gotta love WASPoids
by Angie November 02, 2003
A very unattractive person.
That boy over there is thuka!
by Angie May 06, 2005
Caroline and Jasmine's yummy LJ community. Those two girls are hotter than me so that's gotta count for something,e h?
Jasmine and Caroline
by Angie February 16, 2005

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