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The best book ever, written by Clive Barker. Earth the Fifth Dominion, the one that got torn from the other four. There have been many attempts at reconciliation in the past by others, Jesus was one. Now all lies with John Furie Zacharias, aka. Gentle, to perfect the reconciliation and make it a reality. He just has to remember his past; that he isn't just a mortal, that he once was possessed of such power that he could change the shape of things with spit and breath. Fantasy/Sci-fi of epic proportions.
As Pie oh Pah tells Gentle about his favorite fish from the Second Dominion, Gentle feels sicker and sicker. (I can't quote this book verbatum anymore... sad.)~Imajica
by Angela Reedy June 11, 2008
n. Coolest living human to transcend not only the powers of the mind, but also the multi-universal stratosphere. A real shot at medicine, psychology, philosophy, and Reiki.
"I thought staring at the sky while driving was a fun idea, but I forgot I wasn't Djak, so I crashed."
by Angela Reedy June 11, 2008
n. Eunuch character of author Spirit-with-an-Itch. Co-alter ego of said author: sometimes lavender wig-wearing girl that shows up at Legends in Raleigh, NC, sometimes effeminate blonde boy that kicks ass on the dance floor. Can be used to refer to either alter egos of the author, or the character whom the name originally represented.
"“In my language, it means ‘Night’s Beloved.’ My name is Ahzren.” The name resonated in his mind as his, and he once again knew himself after two years. He smiled with love and relief at Corin."
by Angela Reedy June 11, 2008

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