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some one whom you know is racist yet has not openly admitted to being racists or says they aren't racists when confronted. These people tend to use peoples correct nationalities to describe people as opposed to latin, or black, they say Colombian or Nigerian.

Closet racistism: occuring in a conversation

Brittany: Dad can i go out with G?

Doug: Oh the Mexican kid, NO! I just don't like him for you.

Brittany: why?

Doug: because i said so.
by Angela parra-samra July 14, 2008
A glamours emo person usually defined by bold modern eyeglasses in dark shades of black and brown.
You look really glemo today!!
by Angela Parra-Samra February 10, 2009
When a woman decides to pair slutty clothes with a vest or an animal print to make her outfit "professional"
Brittany thinks she looks professional with her animal print prostiboots and vest.
by Angela Parra-Samra March 03, 2009
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