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An STD incubator. Someone who has had so many sexual partners that he/she has or has had multiple STDs.
Mike: "Dude look at that hot chick over there!"
Todd: "Stay away from her! She's at the health clinic every week! She's a stinkubator!"

Tammy: "Damn! He's had genital herpes, genital warts, AND chlamydia! He's a stinkubator!"
by Angela G February 16, 2008
Detritiva (from detritivore): this is the *lady* who sends naked pictures of herself by email and text message, and fucks a man KNOWING he has a significant other and KNOWING the significant other knows nothing of the trysts.

Now some would argue that detritivores (and therefore Detritivas) are very useful and perform a much needed service.

I agree! They are the bottom feeders that expose and remove the SHIT (man sluts), making way for better options.
Ms. K: "I know he has a girlfriend, but I'll be his fuck buddy!"
Ms. M: "No, you're a detritiva!"
by Angela G February 16, 2008
This is the female who puts out thinking, "Oh if I give him my pussy, he'll give me his undying love and devotion."

Eh-hem.... wake up, girlie!
Marcie: "But I just KNOW if I sleep with him he'll love me and want me even more!"
Sue: "You don't think he's going to commit just because you have sex with him, do you?"
Marcie: "Well yeah! If I sleep with him he'll commit."
Sue: "Girl, you're a beaver trader!"
by Angela G February 16, 2008

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