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A crazy hopo with equally crazy hair that has that best ideas and is horrible in spainsh:) except for clappiing out words she is a fast runner and wants 12 kids that im NOT babysitting no matter how much she begs and she has a great personalitly and is so funny and has laughs like a seal while tanning and eating airr at the same time she is a mutli-tasker and is beyond awesom!!! she has a waiting line of guys that r all highschoolers and r sorta cute defitnley harry ;)
Jarrod: bro u see that chick over there with the curly hair?

carter: hell yeah! she is fine!

Jarrod: imma ask her 2 formal!

Carter: not be4 i do!
* both race off toward her in hopes she says yes but alas she says no to both cuz she is going with harry styles*
by Angel01 April 17, 2012

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