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A character from Torchwood and some episodes of Doctor who. He is played by John Barrowman. He often fights Aliens from outer space. He has the inability to die, yet still ages. Some theories suggest that he is the younger version of The Face Of Boe.
Captain Jack Harkness can kick Captain Jack Sparrows ass!
by Angel Of Darkness April 05, 2008
A fun way to say "Oh my God" Some people find it annoying, which makes it even more fun to use. Some people feel it's using the lords name in vain, but as you can clearly see it's spelled gawd, not god, so no, it's not taking his name in vain.
Omigawd, you are so right, this is fun!
by Angel of Darkness March 29, 2008
Lead singer and guitarist for punk rock band Alkaline Trio. Born in Chicago, he now resides in Los Angeles with his fiancee Monica Parker. He is also extremely hot.
"Whoa, who is that hot guy rockin' out up there?! He's awesome!"
"Matt Skiba. And yes, yes he is."
by angel of darkness June 21, 2005
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