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Common phrase in use today!! Its pretty self explanitory,but when it comes down to it.........Youve got this girl that you find so attractive that you can barely contain yousrelf! And when it comes to inspecting that body of hers all you REALLY want to inspect is that AMAZING turd cutter that God granted her with!! Its at this point that youve been so turned on that you ask this beautiful,fuckin sexy,amzing girl to turn around with her back to the mirror and SPREAD THOSE BIG,BEAUTFUL BUTT-CHEEKS so you can see that beautiful brown eye in ALL OF ITS GLORY!!
All Ive been thinking about this whole time weve been 69ing is how after this,all I want you to do is turn your back to the mirror and SPREAD THOSE BIG,BEAUTIFUL BUTT-CHEEKS so I can see that BEAUTIFUL knothole youve been givin!!
by Anferny69 October 14, 2010

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