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A genre of music supposedly combining the hardcore punk genre and the thrash metal genre. In actual fact it features Muggy, downtuned guitars, over-distorted muggy bass and insane drummers. The vocals sound alot like drunk cavmen attempting kareoke. The shortest song in the world ('You Suffer', by Napalm Death), coming in at just 1.3 seconds is in the genre of Grindcore. Often listened to by the 'toughnut' kids.
Paul: Dude...what the fuck is this music on your iPod?

Ben: Oh, thats some shit caleld 'grindcore' that my brother found out about.

Paul: It's the worst msuic i have ever heard!

Ben: Yeah, James said it sounded like drunken cavenmen attempting kareoke.
#grindcore #napalm death #you suffer #gay #homosexual #toughnut #shortest song
by Anesthesia August 02, 2006
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