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As coined by Marianne Garvey writing for the New York Post: An individual who is both an heir to a substantial fortune and an air-head.
Sources told The Post the sit-down will be conducted by Meredith Vieira the day after the heir-head is sprung some time next week.
by Andyduncan June 21, 2007
Similar to "generation next" this phrase always refers to the next version of Apple's OSX operating system.
q: Have they fixed the memory leak in Safari yet?
a: Not yet, but I heard it will be fixed in OSX Pussy.
by andyduncan June 14, 2007
According to Jalopnik: "'Bruce' is the new shorthand for Fine German Precision"
The shifter was endowed with so much Bruce it would be hard to imagine a more desirable gearbox.
by AndyDuncan May 21, 2007

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