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to stroke means to move your hand gently over a person.
"Different strokes for different folks" is a proverb. This expression says that not everybody can be treated in the same way
Yesterday I was bored so I put my rabbit out of its cage and stroked him.

Not everybody is equally. Different strokes for different folks
by AndyR February 22, 2005
"acquainted with someone" means to get to know somebody. You meet a person and got to know this person so you became acquainted with that person.
Hey mom, yesterday I went through downtown and became acquainted with a very funny person named Jack.
by AndyR February 22, 2005
L-plates are square signs with a red "L" at the center. They are placed on cars in Britain to show that the person driving is inexperienced (the "L" is short for "learner"). People also jokingly attach these signs to their clothing before they get married, to show that they are beginners in marriage
Yesterday I got my driver's license but I'm not a good driver. Can't you see my L-plate on my car?

Just the fact that I don't blame myself I'll wear a L-plate on my suit so the people know that I'm inexperienced.
by AndyR February 22, 2005

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