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An undertaking of great endurance and perseverance. When a group of friends (usually, but not always male) pledge to each other to not masturbate for the whole month.

Only the toughest and most resolute will make it through this so called "hell" month, but it is a life changing experience. The confidence and discipline learned during these 30 days can be applied to many other endeavors in life.

The camaraderie and support of your friends is a must to successfully execute this stunning feat of dedication.

Although it is mainly a guy thing, girls are permitted, and in fact encouraged, to participate as well. The more support the better.

Needless to say, for those who make it, it will rain on December 1.

Good luck and Godspeed.
November 23:

Guy 1: Hey man, I heard you're doing no fap November
Guy 2: Yeah

1: How can you do that man?
2: Its hard work, but its worth it. All the chicks dig the competition to see who will last

1: Dude, I think I'll do that next year!
2: Cool man, just spray your hand with pepper whenever you feel like doing it.
by AndyMcFapper November 04, 2009

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