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GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is a fun series of games that formed several years ago with the original, followed shortly thereafter by GTA2. The series gained lots of popularity (and controversy regarding violent video games) when GTA3 was released. This controversy arose again when Vice City and (later)San Andreas were released for PS2.

The PC versions of each of these games were/are being released about 6-7 months after their PS2 counterparts because of Rockstar's exclusivity deal with Sony; San Andreas for PC and Xbox will be released on June 7.
Despite the fact that many people see no educational value in these types of games, Vice City introduced me to the world of modding. That is the most significant advantage PC gaming has over console gaming.

Game modding in general lengthens the lifespan of a game; this can be seen simply by going to www.gtaforums.com and looking at all the modding developments for Vice City PC despite the fact that it has been over two years since the game was released.
by Andy80586  May 24, 2005

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