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This act has a cult following in the necrophilia and coprophilia underground where most acts are of a more humane and consenting nature than the original occurance in that all parties are alive by the end of the escapade.
The Alabama Sledgehammer is defined as a sexual excapade involving three men: a man lying face down on the bed who can be dead or alive, a black man wearing a batman suit, and a man who sodomises the lying man. The man in the batman suit defecates on the sodomiser's erect genetalia and stands in a super hero pose while the sodomiser sodomises the lying man. The difference between the necrophiles and the coprophiles is mainly the absence of the corpse, being that coprophiles dont alway's have the urge to sodomise corpses as necrophiles do.
by Andy5 May 09, 2006

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