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2 definitions by Andy and Dan

Someone with no sense of what is cool but insists that they do. They constantly crack bad jokes that are insulting and have little humor. Their egos are as big as their over-inflated heads. Their laughter is loud and obnoxious and is usually directed toward their own jokes. They will try to make you feel like scum on the bottom of their foot when in reality they would be lucky to be scum on the bottom of yours. Also a wanna-be preppy sell-out.
Fabec is the biggest douche bag that I know. Also--> God! You're such a douche bag.
by Andy and Dan June 23, 2007
20 7
Like a douche bag... someone who acts without thinking like a retard but is also a fag. Fag can be either slang or it can refer to a homosexual person. When it is slang it is a lot like douche bag because it refers to someone you dont like.
Fabec is such a freakin fagtard!
by Andy and Dan June 23, 2007
6 5