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To burn a copy of your own dvd to remove the piracy warnings and trailers.
I'm gonna wash my dvds, so they start straight away.
by Andy Skye November 24, 2010
A bogan who decides that the best time to change their mobile phone ringtone is on public transport, not realising they are annoying the shit out of everyone around them.
"I wish that tone whore would stop playing with his fucking ringtones, it's giving me a headache."
by Andy Skye August 31, 2005
Any food sprinkled with parsley or served on a square plate.
"I thought the spaghetti bolognese was boring, but look... now it's gourmet."
by Andy Skye August 31, 2005
A boy who is a friend, but not a boyfriend. Particularly used when talking about someone of the preferred sex, so the subject is not confused with a lover. Similar to girfay, or girlfay.
"You look pretty tight with JC. Is he your boyfriend?"
"Nah, we hang out heaps 'n' stuff, but he's just my boyfay."
by Andy Skye March 19, 2007

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