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8 definitions by Andy Galuska

Choosing to take a less confrontational path in the face of hate and adversity.
Instead of instigating a violent meeting Matt brushed his shoulders off and walked away.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
222 102
Doing a donut in an automobile.
We started whippin shitties in the 5.0 untill the neighbors called the cops.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
33 6
Anything that is beffiting the traditional sense of masculinty, toughness, or persistance.

From the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck. Especially his repersentation in the Playstation 2 game NFL Street where his ability to establish physical dominance is unmatched.

Also spelled hasselback
After being pinned by a boulder he cut his arm off with a dull pocket knife. That is extremely hasselbeck.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
37 22
1) Distinctly weak.
2) Feminine.
3) A failure.

From the Seattle Seahawks former quarterback John Kitna.

Opposite of hassleback
The Geo Metro is seen by many to be Kitna.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
14 6
1) To stop complaining and get back to work.

2) To change ones actions to fall in line with traditional masuclinity.

From the term man up with the word hassleback being synonomous with the word man.
Forman needs to hassleback up.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
8 1
1) In any action movie or video game where a mook is killed in a manner that is stylish and unneccasarily flashy manner.

2) A killing made with a pistol in each hand.

From Hong Kong director John Woo whose trade marks are stylized violence and two fisted pistols.
You just got John Wooed

The cop in Reservoir Dogs was John Wooed.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
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An absolute failure. Especially one who is repeatedly given a chance but fails regardless.

Also can be used as miered.

From Seattle Seahawk quarterback Rick Mier.
The DARE program is another government mier.

The Bush Administration really miered its foriegn policy.
by Andy Galuska May 13, 2004
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